<VV> A new one (carb story) on me...

GYoungwolf at aol.com GYoungwolf at aol.com
Sun Mar 20 21:09:02 EST 2005

I heard a story today for the second time in a year or so about a Chevy 
carb swap and so I thought I would run it by our historians (I would refer to 
it as 
an old wives' tale, but my wife reminds me that we are both old, and I am 
than her...).  This concerns dealers swapping out 140 HP secondary carbs for 
primaries to solve customer complaints about idle and performance. This time 
the story was passed along with a set of the carbs (which the owner says had 
been swapped 30 years ago) to rebuild. I would guess they might have set up 
at least twenty :-). The "secondaries" are 1963 units with both vacuum tubes 
plugged, but otherwise normal (chip in throttle plate, idle circuit, etc.), 
for missing the accelerator pump cups. Anyone know about this as a dealer TB?
It doesn't make sense, but then.....?
The Carbmeister

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