<VV> welding, torches, videos

John McMahon jmac2112 at adelphia.net
Sun Mar 20 21:31:47 EST 2005

I have been welding for some time now with oxy-acetylene, and have gotten 
pretty good at doing butt welds on sheet metal.  This is awkward if you use 
a big torch, but I have been using a Meco Midget, and that makes all the 
difference.  If anyone is interested, here's the link to the site where I 
bought mine:


Kent White also sells videos, mostly aimed at the airplane crowd, but 
there's one called "Autobody Patch Panels."  I haven't seen any of them, but 
they might be worthwhile:


Having learned to weld with oxy-acetylene, I'm pretty sure I would be able 
to move on to the other processes with relative ease.  Probably like going 
from a stick shift to an automatic.

John McMahon
1965 Monza coupe, welded together from three different cars and counting 

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