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> I hear that there are several  compromises with an internet phone 
> service. 

Does your  computer need to be on 24/7 for the phone service to work  
Bob Helt

No - Voice over IP requires your internet router or DSL Modem or  whichever 
you have installed to be functioning. Basically, you need a  functioning IP 
address. On most systems, IP adresses are assigned by a DHCP  (Dynamic Host 
Configuration Protocol) server. It is contained inside most  home routers, (mine is 
a Linksys router). It is connected to my DSL box all  the time. The Linksys 
provides an address to the box that is providing your  phone with a connection. 
Most Home VOIP systems use a box that has a local  (as within your house) IP 
address, and just lets a regular analog telephone just  plug into it. I guess 
it is possible for a DHCP server to be housed within a  desktop machine, but 
it would be rare. You should not have to leave your  computer on all the time. 
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