<VV> Misguided Late Lovers

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Mon Mar 21 02:09:23 EST 2005

> From: airvair <airvair at richnet.net>
> Subject: Dummy early lovers, was: <VV> dummy Late lovers
ALL cars earlier than that rusted out badly, even early 
> Corvairs. It's that the early and late Corvairs rust out 
> differently. I 
Smitty says:  Mark I have avoided comment the last few times you made
your ill advised slurs on the Earlies.  You can not throw me off by your
grudgingly given notion that Lates rust too, just different.  Everybody
knows that Lates are truely inferior in every respect except engines and
performance handling.  Even the engine subject is suspect because 64s
were 164 cu in.  As for performance handling, it was rare that the family
man or the secretary or the Li'l ole Lady needed the performance
capabilities of the Lates.  Yeah it is neat to have but for 99.9% of your
driving it matters not.  What people did appreciate was the wonderful
ride of the Earlies, and the lessor weight to haul around.  Easier to
drive by far.
        In the future when you want to express an opinion please ask me
for one, and I will help you or any of your ilk form one that is not so
far afield from the truth.                Regards          CIC of BBRT  

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