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Back in the old days, you could vent R12 to the atmosphere, and nobody 
Also, a can of Freon went for less than a dollar, same size can (if you have 
a license to buy it) now costs over 50.00.

AFAIK, it is against the law to sell any kind of R-12 leak detector. 
Different types are available for 134A systems.

Just about any shop that does AC work can air charge a system, and use a 
134A leak detector to find leaks. Doesn't cost much, and it is doubtful that 
O rings under the dash are causing a problem with 134A leakage.


Where I work the mechanics use a dye we get from NAPA.  It is a liquid, 
comes in small bottles.  I could get the NAPA part # if needed.
Mike Ioanes 

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