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> Just helped a friend pull the drive train from a 65 Monza 110 4 Speed.  He 
> had an oil leak, and had been told that it probably was the front seal.  On 
> pulling the drivetrain we discovered that the top cover on the differential 
> was covered in oil.  What causes this to happen and what should I do to fix it. 
>  I suspicion that the vent is somehow stopped up, or the differential, 
> transmission was overfilled at one time.  I have a new gasket for the cover.  Any 
> ideas?
> Also, now that we have the drive train out, is there some way short of 
> pulling the transmission differential apart from the engine to determine if the 
> front seal may also be leaking. (Had ordered that also to have on hand).  
> Thanks fot any helpful suggestions.
> Cecil Mills
> Cocoa, Fl.
If the Front seal [ rear main to most] is leaking   oil will drip from the 
HOLE  on the bottom of the bellhousing!

The previous "overfill of the tranny"  includes the diff.!   

No flame!!!   just the other day someone said;   ALWAYS  wash the engine 
BEFORE trying to find oil leaks...  GGGGGGGGGGGGG

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