Murray, Rod Rod.Murray at disney.com
Mon Mar 21 19:25:00 EST 2005

thanks to everyone that offered their input to this thread several weeks ago...after absorbing all suggestions, and after much deliberation (aided by a couple of beers), my plan is to let my soon to be 16-year old daughter, megan, inherit my wife's 1996 chevy monte carlo...here's why...

- it's 10 years old w/ 130K miles - about what i'd be buying on the low-cost used market anyway
- it's solid, has airbags, and has proven to be very reliable
- i know the current owners : ) so am familiar with vehicle history and maintenance
- standard 6-cylinder engine means sufficient, but not excessive, power
- it already has a few dings and scratches, so i won't cry when she takes out a fire hydrant
- i'll be sleeping on the couch if my daughter gets a better car than my wife.  michelle gets the new wheels...

bottom line, the idea of having megan's 1st car be a vair will have to wait - she'll have to EEEEARN it!

all this said, i do have 1 question...monte carlo has a right-rear taillight problem i'm struggling to figure out...seems my right brake light doesn't work when i'm using my left blinker...tail light fuse is good, and i've changed out both tail light bulbs (standard gm 3057)...any suggestions?

thanks again.

'66 monza convt, 110/4

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