<VV> 1966, 140, PG, w/AC

Ernie Sanders epssax at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 21 20:51:32 EST 2005

According to BoB Helt in his book, the '66 140 with
air and PG had the following characteristics:  Turbo
crank, 95 hp cam, 7 1/2 compression ratio, flat
pistons, domed heads.  I want to rebuild this engine
in my coupe that I bought non-running.  With this much
attention paid to detuning, will I be able to burn
regular gas?  Will this set-up have low-end torque for
good all-around driveability?  According to Bob, this
was the only year they did this much detuning to the
140.  Thanks,  Ernie

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