<VV> 1966, 140, PG, w/AC

airvair airvair at richnet.net
Tue Mar 22 10:48:23 EST 2005

One thing I know about the 140/auto/air engine is that it's the only one 
with .010" thicker barrel gaskets on the bottom end. THAT is (at least 
partially) how they were able to cut down the compression. Without 
checking, I'd say that probably none of the suppliers have that gasket.


Ernie Sanders wrote:

>According to BoB Helt in his book, the '66 140 with
>air and PG had the following characteristics:  Turbo
>crank, 95 hp cam, 7 1/2 compression ratio, flat
>pistons, domed heads.  I want to rebuild this engine
>in my coupe that I bought non-running.  With this much
>attention paid to detuning, will I be able to burn
>regular gas?  Will this set-up have low-end torque for
>good all-around driveability?  According to Bob, this
>was the only year they did this much detuning to the
>140.  Thanks,  Ernie

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