<VV> Re: John Delorean dies

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Tue Mar 22 03:23:36 EST 2005

At 12:06 hours 03/22/2005, Tony Underwood wrote:
>At 12:52 hours 03/21/2005, ronchoy at comcast.net wrote:
>>When Delorean's car was under development there was talk of using Corvair 
>Are you sure about that?   I'm involved with CORSA, the national Corvair 
>organization (there actually is one)

Sorry guys, this was intended to go to another list, got the e-mails mixed 
up seeing as how I'm involved with two different conversations about 
JDZ...  and this was supposed to  go to a Mopar list I'm on, NOT 
here.    Seems I cut-pasted the wrong subject/header/addy onto the wrong 

You guys likely already know all this stuff in triplicate, which makes me 
look like a dork for posting it here.

When I blunder I do it good.


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