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> Folks
> For those who saved Tony U's reply to the Mopar list re: Corvair Block and 
> aluminum part casting, I wanted to give a short update.

Hank's description matches one I was given by the son of one of the plant 
workers when I went to a wedding up there 20 years ago.  The foundry was located 
in that area because of the abundance of relatively cheap power available from 
the hydro power plants that took their power from the Niagara river (no 
longer at the falls but downstream).  The same person said that he thought the 
reason the Vega had an aluminum block was GM had contractual obligations to the 
foundry that made it easier/cheaper to continue the use of aluminum rather than 
buying the contract out.

And I would love to be able to set up a Corvair differential from memory.

Bob Hall
Group Corvair
'64 Brier

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