<VV> 1966 Corsa Seats

J R Read_HML hmlinc at sbcglobal.net
Wed Mar 23 14:23:40 EST 2005

Removing that chrome CAP runs the risk that you will likely destroy it.  I'm 
not aware of NOS or reproduction ones being available.  You can get those 
caps at an upholstery shop (and maybe other places?).  But, they will not be 
chrome and will likely look a bit different in shape.  So, be expecting (if 
you want chrome ones) that you will likely have to go with non stock looking 
ones and send them out for chrome.

Once the caps are off, you can spread the uprights far enough to get them 
off the pegs.

Maybe someone else has a better solution?

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Later, JR

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> I tried to detach the backs of my front bucket seats from the bottoms
> yesterday.
> After removing the metal side covers/moldings from the seat backs, I see 
> the
> seat back pivots on the inner side of the seats and I see that the outer
> pivots that are covered with what appears to be removable protectors.
> Looking under the seats, I don't see anything indicating that by removing
> the protectors, etc. I'll get anywhere.
> Sam Streiff

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