<VV> Trying to appraise my Greenbrier-Need help on Value

Gail P Policella gailvair at juno.com
Wed Mar 23 17:28:49 EST 2005

I am trying to get my 1964 Greenbrier appraised.  It is restored to
factory original and of Concourse quality.  I need to comprise
information for the appraiser to determine the value of the Greenbrier. 
Any one have any information or assistance in getting the highest
appraisal and or what information should I have ready.  I spent alot more
money on the restoration than it is worth but, want to try and cover the
expense as much as possible. I do not have many receipts since alot of
the NOS was purchased on line or privately.

It is insured with JC Taylor and they will not insure it more than
$15,000 with out an appraisal even thought they state on their
application "up to $20,000 with out an appraisal".  The underwriter
personal told me he would not insure it more than $15,000 because his
books state the car doesn't have that much value.

Does any one know what the highest a Greenbrier has sold for ?

Gail Policella
Margate, FL

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