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> Does it make sense for him to get a used set of rims for the new tires
> he will buy so as to not disturb the factory tires.  I guess he could
> use them in shows, etc.  The guys around here say just dump them.  Any
> thoughts?
> Darrin Hartzler
> 66 yellow

    Keeping the original set of tires/rims can only help authenticate the 
cars low mileage if it's put up for sale in the future....don't just toss them.  
Buy another set of rims from a '60 - '61 Corvair if your friend intends on 
using whatever hub caps/trim rings came with the car.  The '60-'61 rim has 4 
"nubs" around the outer edge that hold the full wheel disc or trim ring from 
coming off.  Also, I believe the later '62-'64 rim will not accept a '61 dog dish 
hubcap.  Running new tires can only enhance the enjoyment of driving a low 
mileage original, not to mention the obvious increased safety factor.  That said, 
there's a small, twisted group of us who derive great pleasure from driving on 
45 year old rubber.  The Extreme Ultra Group. <G>

Bruce Webster
'60 569
'61 727
'64 927

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