<VV> Flamethrower, HEI Diagnosis

goofyroo at excite.com goofyroo at excite.com
Wed Mar 23 21:45:43 EST 2005

Sorry, Roger, I got a k in the wrong place.

The reading was 1.06 ohms between + and - terminals.

The other two readings using the coil terminal were 10.04K/10.05K ohms.

The rotor turns and the timing is spot-on.  There's just no spark at the coil wire.

The + and - terminals of the coil read 12 volts with the key on.  That seems odd to me (the negative one) but I'm not smart enough to know why.

Still lookin' at the reluctor with a jaundiced eye....

So strange.  The car ran fine yesterday.


I hate to disagree with Bob, but it you're measuring 1.06K ohms between the
+ and - terminals (the primary terminals), then the primary is dead.

Roger Gault

> In a message dated 3/23/05 5:31:15 PM US Mountain Standard Time,
> goofyroo at excite.com writes:
> > I run a six-year-old Flamethrower coil and am trying to check the
> > resistance:
> >
> > Between the + and - terminals, 1.06k ohms
> > Between the + to coil terminals, 10.04 ohms
> > Between the - and coil terminals, 10.05k ohms
> >
> > Do these sound right?

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