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Thu Mar 24 02:32:55 EST 2005

Hi Stephen,
This should be pretty clear once you actually do it. More info below.
Bob Helt

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> Do I measure the Plastigage and cut it to fit the journal width?

No need to measure. Just break off a short piece the width of the bearing 
shells. Use one piece for each main.

>   "3. Install other half of crankcase with bearings and evenly torque 
> all crankcase bolts to specifications."
>   Do I put the pieces of Plastigage between the bearing and the 
> crankshaft 


> If the latter, how do I get them to stay in place while 
> I'm putting the halves back together 

by having the case half supported on the studs

(as I'm assuming that I will be 
> placing the Plastigage on all of the main and rod journal locations and 
> measuring them in one operation)?

No. Do just the mains in one step. Do the rods separately. I recommend you do 
the rods with the crank OUT of the engine. I know the rod might turn. but 
it's a whole lot easier than when the crank is in the engine.

>   "5. Without removing the gauging plastic, check its compressed width 
> (at the widest point) with the graduation on the envelope (fig. 122)
> In said picture, it is difficult to tell just what they are measuring.  
> It doesn't appear to me that they are measuring the width of the 
> plastic, but a dark mark on the bearing halves or journals.

Just compare the width of the squashed plastigage stuck to the crank or 
bearing to the widths on the scale. when you get a match, or close, then that is 
your clearance. Just do it and it will be clear.

>   I'm also at a loss to interpret the markings on the package that are 
> used to measure the clearances.  The .001" mark is 5/32", the .0015" is 
> 2/16", the .002" is 3/32" and the .003" is 1/16".

The plastic squashes to make it wider than when you placed it. The squashed 
width indicates the clearance.

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