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UltraMonzaWest at aol.com UltraMonzaWest at aol.com
Sat Mar 26 13:47:10 EST 2005

I think we should target the "industry" not the Car! Not many are excited 
when they hear "Corvair"

We need to find a "show", like "My Classic Car"  that goes to different 

an episode showing what it's like for a Vendor of Collector Car Parts. What 
they go thru each day, finding parts, having parts made, packaging, shipping, 
Customer Service......

It would just happen to be a Corvair Vendor......someone like California 
Corvairs , Jeff Williams.  He has a fairly new / modern facility....does parts and 
resto work...

He could elaborate on the "Competition", making people aware of the VAST  
supply of parts / support.  He could let people know how hard it is for him to 
keep current on the WEB, with all the Corvair forums / websites , information 

All the while Corvairs would be driving up with customers......one person 
asking for a RARE   original part, another looking for suspension improvement 
parts [disk brake KIT /swaybars / 18" wheels, etc.] An Ultravan owner.........A 
Rampside and a Greebriar......and finally, Richard Aoki in his Rampside with 
Blown SBC and SoCal Waterpumpers arrive in force.....get the picture.......

I know this is far fetched.......but in my way of thought.....the ONLY 
possibility.......unless we have a member in the Forbes 500  who is willing to 
bankroll a show. And HORSEPOWER SELLS!

Matt Nall / Patiomatt / WCUH / Chairman V V
69 Monza Cpe., 66 Monza vert, 65 Crown v8 Cpe.
Somewhere between Reno, NV and Coos Bay, Or.

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