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Sat Mar 26 13:25:58 EST 2005


> > Who needs Jesse James when we already have Matt with his tin snips and 
> >spray bombs?  I'd bet following Matt around with a camcorder would be 100 
> >times 
> >more entertaining!  If only we could be assured all the fame and furtune 
> >wouldn't go to his head. ;^)
> >
> >Bruce Webster
> >
> *****************************************************************************
> *
> **
> Go to  http://members.aol.com/patiomatt/FGB1.htm   for episode #1-5  of 
> Mattster Garage......unfortunately I couldn't get any of my "KIT / bolt-on" 
> suppliers to sponsor the show!  And I don't have any "pretty boy "  art on 
> my arms!  
> LOL!
  Wow!  I just viewed all 5 episodes, Matt.  Can't wait to see all the ULTRA 
bling bolted back together.  I'd suggest gauging what public reaction is like 
after the first 13 episodes before you negotiate with a sponsor.  "Matt goes 
to the tattoo parlor" would add a nice personal touch to the show ;^)

Bruce Webster

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