<VV> Balance and water leaks.

sam pam and fam sgrabenhourst at charter.net
Sat Mar 26 23:54:12 EST 2005

Still cannot access archives for some reason so I need to bother everyone again. Thanks first on all the info for the 64 suspension swap. First, I am useing a 65 , 110  in my 63 and keeping my 63 transaxle, I know I need to use the early flywheel, clutch, etc. Can I use the Harmonic balancer or do I need to use the stamped steel pulley so its EM on both ends ? Or does it really matter ? To be specific, it also has 65, 140 heads and 4-carb system.With a 110 distributer. Will this work together for daily cruising or should I change something ?  I have also noticed that all of my EMs have a water leak. What areas are inherit to these cars ? It would help to know what to target before I start throwing parts at it. I already re-caulked the gutters and I know I need to replace the front and rear window seals. Anything else I need to be aware of ?

Thanks in advance, 
Sam Grabenhorst

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