<VV> Idling Much Too Fast!

Richard Tyson the.tysons at comcast.net
Sun Mar 27 00:09:51 EST 2005

The sun was out and the temps soared into the high 40s today.  I felt it was a perfect opportunity to fire up the Corvair and see how the newly installed carbs behaved that I received from the family as a Christmas gift.  After stopping the inevitable gas leaks, everything settled down and I actually drove around the block a few times.  The idle was pretty high (~1500 rpm) so I decided to perform the manual balance procedure (as per shop manual) and set the idle to a more reasonable value.  After making appropriate adjustments, I discovered that even with the idle screws out so far that they no longer touched the throttle levers, the idle was ~1000 rpm.  The choke plates were fully open and the fast-idle was completely off.  The car ran pretty well in spite of the high idle speed.  Have I missed something obvious?  Any thoughts.

Rick T
Woodbury, MN
1965 Monza Coupe (110 hp)     

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