<VV> Idling Much Too Fast!

Larry Forman Larry at forman.net
Sun Mar 27 14:59:36 EST 2005

At 09:09 PM 3/26/2005 -0800, Richard  Tyson wrote:
>The sun was out and the temps soared into the high 40s today.  I felt it 
>was a perfect opportunity to fire up the Corvair and see how the newly 
>installed carbs behaved that I received from the family as a Christmas 
>gift.  After stopping the inevitable gas leaks, everything settled down 
>and I actually drove around the block a few times.  The idle was pretty 
>high (~1500 rpm) so I decided to perform the manual balance procedure (as 
>per shop manual) and set the idle to a more reasonable value.  After 
>making appropriate adjustments, I discovered that even with the idle 
>screws out so far that they no longer touched the throttle levers, the 
>idle was ~1000 rpm.  The choke plates were fully open and the fast-idle 
>was completely off.  The car ran pretty well in spite of the high idle 
>speed.  Have I missed something obvious?  Any thoughts.
>Rick T
>Woodbury, MN
>1965 Monza Coupe (110 hp)

Hi Rick,
Did you miss these?
1. The throttle cable is too tight.  This is VERY common.  Remove all 
linkage to both carbs and then see if you can get the throttle plates to 
close fully.  Sometimes the throttle cable is adjusted too tight and pulls 
on the carb linkage preventing the throttle plates from closing 
fully.  Look carefully before loosening the throttle cable and see if 
either carb throttle rod rotates more closed when throttle cable is released.
2. The throttle plates were not installed properly in the carb, possibly 
even upside down.  If these cannot close fully then the carb will not idle 
3. Do you have any vacuum leaks?  Look for cracks in the carb base 
insulating spacers.  Possibly missing or leaking carb base 
gaskets.  Leaking rubber hoses connecting to the cross over tube.  Rusted 
holes in the cross over tube.  Leaking hoses or PCV valve or valve in 
4. Missing or loose throttle return spring.  I KNOW - it is pretty obvious.
5. Leaking vacuum advance canister or choke pulloffs?  Press in on the 
actuation levers and press your thumb over the end nipple to seal the tube 
and see if the lever stays put until you release the vacuum caused by your 
thumb on the end opening.

Please let us know what you find.

-- Larry

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