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Hi Smitty,  I am also willing to learn.  Some DO seem to be MORE WELL SEALED 
than others.  The next time I have one of the well sealed ones die, I'll 
find a way to get it open and see if I can detect any vent holes.  Since 
they are designed NOT to let you add water, I assumed that they were sealed 
in such a way that the electrolyte would not be allowed to evaporate away. 
This COULD be an incorrect assumption on my part.

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Later, JR

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> Smitty says:

  It is my understanding that
> a Maintenance free battery is just another common battery with a huge
> over capacity of electrolite over the plates so it will die of old age
> before the electrolite is depleated.  If that is the case it would still
> be vented and in case of over charge or over load, would still
> contaminate the air passing by.
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