battery style, was: <VV> battery area question

airvair airvair at
Sun Mar 27 12:23:59 EST 2005

There is at least one retro battery maker advertising in Hemmings, and 
they list several styles, based on years, for the '60's GM cars. Look 
for their picture ads there. The hole spacing for the Corvair battery 
didn't vary over the years, so the caps for the late models are all the 

Come to think of it, a previous poster mentioned earlier cars having 
vented batteries as well. There IS a different cap for them, one that 
the DELCO lettering on the top of the cap reads from the opposite side. 
The late model caps have the vent coming out the "top" side of the cap 
when you are reading the DELCO name, the early model has the vent coming 
out the "bottom" side. Something to consider next time you're looking 
for them in a swap meet.


Kent Sullivan wrote:

>The Corvair battery changed in '67 (I think) but from the assembly manual it
>looks like it was mainly a styling change to the case and a new numbering
>system--the posts appear to be in the same place with the same spacing.

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