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Hi again,

I have a pair of heavy duty Corvair vent caps which, as I mentioned in my
previous post, are two pieces each. The interesting thing is I also came
into possession of a set of two-piece vent caps that look just like the
Corvair HD ones except that they are a little longer--obviously for a
different battery.

I spent quite a bit of effort about 10 years ago trying to figure out what
car these were used on with no luck. If anyone can help, please do! "Help"
at this point would be specific information on the application or a person I
could talk to who would have such info. I am past the brainstorming mode of
"well it MIGHT fit...". I chased leads like that until I was out of breath.

I still wonder if it fits a Corvette but I have talked to enough Corvette
people who "should know" and came up empty handed.

The Corvair battery changed in '67 (I think) but from the assembly manual it
looks like it was mainly a styling change to the case and a new numbering
system--the posts appear to be in the same place with the same spacing.

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The vented battery caps were STANDARD on ALL '65-9 Corvairs, and meant to
vent battery vapors out of the air stream of the heater. The Corvair, by
virtue of its design, was the only car to use them, and has been forgotten
by every battery maker since. So really, when we don't have the batteries
vented per factory design, we are risking whatever made the engineers design
the venting system in the first place. Oddly enough, early Corvairs don't
use a venting system, so my guess is that the system was just overkill.
Particularly since few of us anymore make much use of the heater anyway.


N. Joseph Potts wrote:

>All right - these are good answers (thanks), but my questions really 
>had to do with: (a) what might have been stock on the 66; and (b) what 
>ill effects I might anticipate running the thing the way I have these 
>many years, without vent tubes. I do NOT have Delrin in my engine 
>compartment (and the heater circuits ARE connected).
>     I believe the battery I have in there has got vent nipple(s) (for 
>tube[s]). It is NOT a maintenance-free battery. The car is in the body 
>shop, so I can't check right now.
>Joe Potts
>Miami, Florida USA
>1966 Corsa coupe 140hp 4-speed with A/C

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