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Mon Mar 28 15:39:59 EST 2005

_joey4556 at excite.com_ (mailto:joey4556 at excite.com)  writes:

I have  read on this list in the past of a VW part that will replace the 
stock flat  rubber seal that is stapled to the engine shrouds. Would someone 
please  refresh my memory? Does this apply to FCs? If so, what model and year of VW 
 seal should I buy?

I have used this seal many times.  Just go to your local VW supply  house and 
ask for the foam rubber seal that is for the early VW van (bus) with  an air 
cooled engine.  It comes in a precut length roll which is just  enough to do a 
Corvair engine compartment.  It works on all  early models including the FC.  
It is real easy to install with the  engine in the vehicle.  If you look at 
the end of the seal material it  looks like an H and you slip it over the sheet 
metal and the metal of the engine  compartment.  I recommend you miter cut 
the corners 45 degrees to get a  good looking fit.  If you cut the material with 
no waste there is just  enough material to do one vehicle.  

Ed Corson  (CORSA Member)

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