<VV> OFF TOPIC, but car related

John Beck jb30343 at navix.net
Tue Mar 29 23:16:43 EST 2005

I guess that teflon washers nest to the wheels and a teflon sleeve over
the axle aren't allowed.  I'd mount the wheels as close to vertical as
possible to minimize the side load and leave just enough space so they
don't bind.  If lubricants are allowed I's spray the axles, hubs and
anything that might rub with Almasol prior to assembly.  What's the
problem with Mobil 1?  --J.B.

Kirk Eck wrote:
> Sorry for the off topic post but i need expert advice.
>  I'm building, sorry that should read my son is
> building a pinewood derby car (he really has done most
> of  the work, he shaped it, sanded it and painted it)
> I'm putting the wheels on, I have smoothed the nails
> that the wheels turn on and have smoothed the wheels
> themselves but my questions are, how much play should
> there be between the car and the wheel? 

> Once again sorry for the off topic post but you guys
> seem to know everything (or at least you pretend to!)
> I know for sure I will not be using Mobil 1 in  the
> pinewood car : )

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