<VV> Re: synthetic in new engine

Bill Brafford turbobraf at cox.net
Tue Mar 29 23:29:34 EST 2005

Problem with the synthetic at the moment is my engine has only about 1,000 
miles on a fresh rebuild, put chrome molly on the top ring, so could be 
awhile before broken in, maybe 5,000 miles, it is still using oil, should 
not put snynthetic in before then?  I do not understand how many new cars 
can come out of the showroom floor with synthetic oil. Note that our vendors 
do not recommend synthetic oil until after the engine has broken in 

Bill Brafford

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> what type of engine oil has the group here found to work the best in our
> corvairs and why?
> Bill Brafford
> 63 spyder

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