<VV> Dual exhaust on 140 cid engine

J Todd todd5 at JoiMail.com
Tue Mar 29 23:49:37 EST 2005

I just purchased a '64 Monza that has an early model 140 cubic inch engine. The car came to me with dual exhausts, but the muffs were hung from cables. New (repro) hangers were in the trunk so I have been trying to do the job right. Problem is that I cannot get the mufflers to line up with the hangers.

I believe I have the hangers on correctly - mounted to the front of the head (no bolts on the rear of the head on the L side). The right muff ends up too far outboard to contact the hanger, about a 1" gap between, no matter how I twist and rotate the exhaust assy. On the right, the hanger is too far forward for the strap to wrap around the muff (aligns with the inlet).

All the parts came from Clark's.

All that to ask: Can the dual exhaust be retrofitted to the 140 cid engine using parts for the 164 cid?


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