<VV> removing input shaft seal

NicolCS at aol.com NicolCS at aol.com
Tue Mar 29 23:59:24 EST 2005

They are really easy to get out.  There's no groove or  anything.  Just reach 
in there with something that will hook it near the  split and pull.  It will 
come right out.  The seal is only a little  more difficult.  I usually use a 
slide hammer on the seal.  (the end  of my slide hammer is a screw).  I use the 
slide hammer to pound a hole  into the seal, twist it to screw in the screw, 
and then use the slide hammer to  pull the seal out.  You can also use a long 
rod from the transmission end,  if the trans is off. No big deal, don't sweat 
Craig Nicol

<snip>While I've got my differential and  tranny off the engine (1965 Monza 
with 4 
speed), I'd like to replace the  input shaft seal (and throwout bearing, of 
course, and pilot bearing  too).  Does anyone have any tips on how to remove 
the thick retaining  ring for the input shaft seal?  I'm sure I can get it 
out, but I'd like  to do it without damaging the throwout sleeve!  I've 
thought of  drilling holes in it so I could use snap ring pliers, but that's 
the best  I've come up with so far. Thanks, John<unsnip>

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