<VV> More Fake oil questions

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Wed Mar 30 18:09:31 EST 2005

When my  '60 was built 45 years ago (and it turned 45 a couple of weeks 
ago), it was likely broken in with some pretty antiquated engine oil, 
certainly nowhere near the quality of the engine oil that was common 20 
years ago.   Today's oil is so much better than even 10 year old 
oil...  and the engine in the '60 went for almost 200,000 miles on 10-30 
for as long as I'd had it (24 years) before it finally developed an engine 
problem which turned out to be a seat issue...  came out and broke and 
caused havoc in a cylinder...  nothing oil related at all... and the engine 
still didn't smoke nor did it use much of any oil between changes.   Even 
"cheap" oil today is so much better than what Corvairs grew up drinking.

I would wager that any premium brand of dino juice is likely to be worlds 
better than what the typical Corvair ever demanded.

Sure, a tweaked turbo will enjoy synth.   So would any air cooled engine 
that would get worked hard enough to cause coking somewhere...  but for the 
vast majority of Vairs, the synth stuff is overkill.

Doesn't mean I'd not use it...  it just means that it's not necessary 
except in severe cases.   I'll continue to use good dino juice and leave 
the synth for those who demand it.    My '60 would probably run fine on 
Wesson Oil...


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