<VV> More Fake oil questions

Ken Wildman k-wildman at onu.edu
Wed Mar 30 08:32:27 EST 2005

At 07:17 AM 3/30/2005, Joe Robbins wrote:
>I use Mobile ! in a vehicle that we bought from a private party, they always
>used it since new ( 99 Vortec 4.3 ) so I was afraid to change and no more
>miles than it gets it doesn't hurt too bad to break the piggy bank for it.
>My question is, my 110 Vair with A/C  doesn't get a lot of miles on it but I
>like the idea of running the fake oil in it because of heat in the air
>cooled motor. It sounds like you could go a few years before having to
>change it or the filter but would leaving the oil in the car that long be a
>bad thing ?  Not knowing any better I would think it would not be the thing
>to do.  I have been running regular Penzoil changing every spring. I am
>going to run SAE 30 this year, seems to stay in there longer. <gg>

As I understand it, the most important point in making more frequent oil 
changes is to get rid of contaminants and acids that result from 
combustion.  Letting them sit for long periods just gives more time for 
them to have an effect on the engine.  Many of the changes in oil additives 
and filter technology are there for helping in this removal.

My simple approach is to use Mobil 1 and change oil and filter frequently 
regardless of mileage.  At $25-$40 a change, I think it is well worth it, 
especially compared to the cost and inconvenience of engine breakdown.  Pay 
it now, or make a much bigger payment later.  :)

I also sprinkle Lion powder around my house and we've never had any problem 
with Lions.    :)


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