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> Now, antique registration is a bargan. You pay a one time registration fee 
> for your antique plates of $25. The county cannot charge you more than the 
> state plate, so that would be $0 annually to get a county sticker. So, the 
> state says a county sticker is not required to be displayed. Also, the saftey 
> inspection sticker is not required. So, annual registration cost of my antique 
> vehicles is  $0, after the first year. Insurance is required on every 
> registered car, however, so there is an annual price for registration, just not paid 
> to the state.
> That is why we put up with weird laws, it is an economic benefit.
> Frank DuVal

For $67  per year?..........per car....is it really worth it?   Are you "self 
insured"???  then it costs you no $$  at all!....

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