<VV> Police Harassment / Antique Plates

Stephen Upham contactsmu at sbcglobal.net
Sat Oct 1 00:34:54 EDT 2005

I opted to put on the original style plates from '65.  I purcha$ed them 
from a local man who refurbishes and sells original issue plates.  They 
are pristine and I set them behind a protective plastic cover plate 
frame.  The best part is that they are the same black letter / white 
background that all plates in the state are, and will be forever, as 
now they only issue inspection and registration stickers which go on 
the windshield and the plates remain the same color scheme every year.  
The only way they would know that they are "antique" plates is if they 
are directly behind me and see the 3/4", 19 on one side, and 65 on the 

Now, if I could just get the rebuild completed in order to test my 
theory.  : (

Stephen Upham
Dallas, Texas
Corvairium II

Mid prod. #18732 -1965 Monza sedan 110 (still closer to 0 though the 
engine is in fewer pieces)
Sierra Tan, originally (currently Copper) - Saddle, zero rust, PG, A/C, 
original AM/FM, clock, tint, oil bath air filter, vertical bumper 
guards, w/ 77K (and continuing to hold)
(Still in group red : ( 

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