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My take would be fuel economy.

A turbo on sucks fuel like a banshee only when it is on boost. Otherwise, in a modern engine, economy is similar to a normally aspirated engine.

A supercharger uses fuel and power all the time.

Now there is that pesky thing called turbo lag.

(No more on that subject with this group.)

My buddy loves his supercharged 3.8L Olds....NO LAG!

It also did not look like there was much room under the hood of the Sky and I think a turbo is more compact.

You should see some of the mini turbos used on 4 stroke snowmobiles.

15 pounds boost to boot! - 660 cc - 3 cyl - more than 100 hp!

Recall that their engine does not have to last 100,000 miles.

Regards, Garth
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        The current issue of Car & Driver has 2 individual tests of the new 
Miata (aka MX-5) and the new Solstice as well as a 3rd test comparing both of 
these 2 cars side by side.
       Wonder why GM is finally returning to turbos after using superchargers 
for the past few years?
       Frank Burkhard

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> Since so many questions are being asked.....
> Base price on Solstice: $19,500.00
> Curb weight: 2860 lbs
> Wheelbase: 95.09
> Front Track: 60.70
> Rear Track:   61.40
> Height: 50.10
> Fuel capacity: 13 gallons (or 49 liters!)
> Would be neat to see how close these are to the Corvair Coupe dimensions  
> (late model of course!!!!).
> Would assume that Sky will be close to the figures for the Solstice since  
> they are the same platform but a few different body panels!
> GM had originally said 20,000 Soltices would be built as '06's. Actually  
> only 7,000 will be built and GM had orders for 13,000....OOPS!!!!
> They also have a 2007 mule running in Germany with a 240 HP turbocharged  
> engine that may be released with 250 HP for the 2007 model year! Go to 
> _www.carconnection.com_ (http://www.carconnection.com)  (Sep 13th) for the  
> picture and 
> story. They are also modifying the front end to accommodate need for  more 
> air 
> for the turbocharger.
> Bill"Swamp-Rat"Hadley
> Denham Springs, LA

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