<VV> Modeler Magazines Needed - Not much Corvair

grant young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 1 08:47:58 EDT 2005

I am sponsoring the start up of a scale modelers club at my high school. I
hope to get some kids off their video games and skate boards and into a
hobby that might actually improve their skills and knowledge (assuming they
don't join just to sniff glue...). With the billions in lottery educational
funds in Florida mysteriously disappearing into some black hole, our school
budgets have been cut once again, so I was only able to subscribe to one
modeler's magazine in the school library (they said $50 a year was too
much, even though there is no concern over spending the funds for magazines
that have scantily clad women on the covers, and advertisements for sex
toys and home grown pot set ups, as well as a recent article on how to have
oral sex without getting VD :-).

So..., I am asking if anyone has been hoarding some back issues of modeling
magazines of any type (cars, planes, boats, figures, dioramas, etc.) that
they would consider donating (tax write-off), trading, or selling at a VERY
cheap price that we can use to get things started. My entire budget for
supplies this year is $100, and most of it is gone. (I have 150+ students,
so you can do the math...I hope :-).

I have displayed some Corvair models in my classroom (along with my FM cars
of the 50's and 60's), and have generated an unexpected amount of attention
in the cars and in building models. Who knows, the next President of CORSA
might be lurking behind one of those pimply smiles... :-).

Thanks for any support,


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