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> I am sponsoring the start up of a scale modelers club at my high school. I
> hope to get some kids off their video games and skate boards and into a
> hobby that might actually improve their skills and knowledge
Hi .. sounds like a great idea ... if it were me, I would ramp up a bit and
start a radio controlled dune buggy ( or jumper buggy or jumper truck )
model car group .... these are neat because you can make a racetrack on a
dirt lot, or also run on asphalt, such as a parking lot ....  for instance,
we have never been turned down by a Walmart/Sam's Club for a responsible,
organized race meet...  You can hold races for " Toys for Tots"... " Make a
Wish ... " etc. etc.,
we even hit up Burger King, etc. for " winners prizes " to add some fun
reward to doing a good job ...
Sedan class ( 1/10 2stroker ) is also very very popular right now, but
requires asphalt to run on .... ( of course, sedans could include model
corvairs ... ) ..
....... one reason is that you should receive immediate and important
support from any local hobby shop, and also the local tv news and radio
people .... I don't remember ever being turned down on a request for tv
coverage at a organized model car race ... happy kids having clean fun
always makes great tv segments ....
( my business is radio controlled race cars, but this is not (darnit ) an
advertisement, we specialize in only the very obsessed class, 1/8 scale
2stroker powered ... this requires too big a track for your purposes ... )
You will no doubt find that there are already some students there that are
knowledgeable in r/c toy cars, you can learn from/with them, and make them
heros .. they are usually NOT the school parent's heros that are on the 7
man basketball or 14 man football squad ... but they are the souls worth
saving, who will go on to be mechanical and electronics engineers, maybe
computer programmers, and other " techie " useful types .... and yeah, maybe
even gas station grease rack monkies ... but .. hey!  that is an honest job,
and still beats the heck out of becoming a street junky living out of
dumpsters ...
........ for funding, screw Govco .... ( I personally believe that the
educational cash grainery is full of corrupt rats ... the money never
reaches the kids ... but that's another thread  )
you would be amazed at what parents, once they think you are serious, might
cough up to keep their kids off meth and oral sex ....  anyway, hit up some
local hobby shops to see if they would be ecstatic about helping out your
project ... if they are not, just post a " out of business or soon will be "
sign on their door on your way out ....  .... anyway, the hobby shops could
be a good source of mountains of literature , as well as perhaps month-old
issues of model magazines ( there are 2 or 4 good r/c racer magazines ...
mostly oriented toward 8 to 14 year olds ( and we 65 yr old kids too ... )
... a good hobby shop may even have ... a meeting room for " club meetings",
may know of a racetrack or so in your area ... in my area ( des moines )
there are 2 racetracks available for model cars, owned by hobby shops .....
If you get 40 kids interested, you could form 8 of 5 person teams, one car
per team, with a goal of having a race occasionally ...
just some thoughts, but I have seen this work extremely well, and know of
scads of kids that used to race r/c cars and have gone on to be top-gun
managers, or even owners at the very businesses that manufacture, sell,
import, etc. these very cars ...   as you know, race cars are sort of
addictive .....
hope this gives you some ideas .. ken campbell, deltawerkes

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