<VV> Fuel tank straw pole

N. Joseph Potts pottsf at msn.com
Sat Oct 1 10:55:31 EDT 2005

Replace fuel lines if you suspect rust-through anywhere. Otherwise, if
they're clear, leave them.
     Clark's and auto suppliers generally sell a coating for the inside of a
gas tank. If you have the tank out of the car, you can/should apply this
coating to end the problems you report permanently. I live in the tropics,
so can't speak to tank preservation in the arctic (I'm guessing about a lot
of things, including your location and your last name), but I think I would
fill the tank with premium fuel AND stabilizer (fuel stabilizer - chemical
sold cheaply at hardware and auto-supply stores). If you use stabilizer,
your car will be all gassed up at the beginning of your next driving season.

Joe Potts
Miami, Florida USA
1966 Corsa coupe 140hp 4-speed with A/C

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I am cleaning my 65's fuel tank.  A couple simple questions with not so
simple answers.

Do I leave the tank empty until spring, or do I refill all the way up.  I
am about to put this one up for the season.  Will drive around with a fuel
cell.   Which will cause the least condensation problems.  It will be in a
dry, but unheated garage.

The car would run fine, then no power, then fine.  The fuel tank was
cleaned last 8 years ago.  The sock was clogged with junk.

Do I replace the fuel line also.  As far as I know its never been done.

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