BRUCE BLACKMON blackmon at llano.net
Sat Oct 1 11:59:41 EDT 2005

About a month ago, out of the clear blue, I get a call from an old friend from pre-college and college days. He was not doing well in school, and joined the Navy in the early 70s, and that was the last time I saw him. During the conversation he said he had found a model of a Corvair in a store and thought That I\me needed that so he bought it. It has sat for years in his basement, and he got addresses and all and mailed it to me this week. I was expecting a plastic model, but this turned out to be a Road Signature 1 :18 scale, diecast metal display model from Yat Ming. It's incredible, the doors, hood, trunk all open. I had seen these before, a local shop here has about 15 of them, but all  camaros, t-birds, etc, never knew they made a Corvair. Now, I would like to pay him for it, so does anyone have any idea what it was worth about 5 to 6 years ago, and what it would be worth now, not that I  will ever sell it. It is going on the mantle with a light, and a clear cover. I would just like an idea of cost. I did check a website and $29.95 seems like a common price for similar models. Any ideas? Thanks BRUCE

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