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Here are a few variations that I made. They were a lot of work, but really 
worth it.
See the notes on the page...



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>I got the red\red one, looks great! I tried getting on the Yat Ming web
> site, and could not, for some reason. It just would not load. I may try 
> some
> other places. I would like to have the other one. I would even like to try
> to paint it like AnnaBelle Lee, Tan\ saddle interior so I know what to 
> work
> for. Do you know of any sites to get one that works. Thanks BRUCE
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>> Bruce
>> I found these first, back in February of 2003, and bought what the first
>> shipment to the US, which came here in March of 2003, "sight unseen" 
>> since
>> all I saw were drawings of them.
>> They sold for about $29.95 then, but now they are readily available 
>> (maybe
>> discontinued but I don't think so.)
>> You can find them on eBay to save money, but since your friend was
>> thoughtful enough to think of your love of Corvairs to have bought it for
>> you, does it matter what it cost ?  I get the feeling that you're trying
> to
>> show the same consideration that he showed, so $29.95 + shipping would be
> a
>> nice gesture on your part, which is what you wanted, right ?
>> The model is available in red with red interior (not available on the 
>> real
>> 1969 Corvair, and Blue with black interior.
>> You can get two more combinations by taking the black interior and 
>> putting
>> it in a red one, painting the red interior (blue ?) and putting it in a
> blue
>> one.
>> It's a nice model for sure, and we're hoping that they make a coupe but
>> that's unlikely.
>> Enjoy it !
>> Chaz
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>> About a month ago, out of the clear blue, I get a call from an old friend
>> from pre-college and college days. He was not doing well in school, and
>> joined the Navy in the early 70s, and that was the last time I saw him.
>> During the conversation he said he had found a model of a Corvair in a
> store
>> and thought That I\me needed that so he bought it. It has sat for years 
>> in
>> his basement, and he got addresses and all and mailed it to me this week.
> I
>> was expecting a plastic model, but this turned out to be a Road Signature
> 1
>> :18 scale, diecast metal display model from Yat Ming. It's incredible, 
>> the
>> doors, hood, trunk all open. I had seen these before, a local shop here
> has
>> about 15 of them, but all  camaros, t-birds, etc, never knew they made a
>> Corvair. Now, I would like to pay him for it, so does anyone have any 
>> idea
>> what it was worth about 5 to 6 years ago, and what it would be worth now,
>> not that I  will ever sell it. It is going on the mantle with a light, 
>> and
> a
>> clear cover. I would just like an idea of cost. I did check a website and
>> $29.95 seems like a common price for similar models. Any ideas? Thanks
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