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Cliff Tibbitts tibbitts at qx.net
Sat Oct 1 10:08:04 EDT 2005

I'm with Stephen, I have a pretty steep driveway too, but at least I do have
a come-along.  I used that to get the car on the trailer when I bought it,
and I have recently added a 2-ton trolley and chain hoist to the I-beam in
the garage.  So, I suppose I really could roll my 66 out into the driveway
and sit it in, come Sunday.  


Must admit, it would be a whole lot more fun to drive it.




Cliff Tibbitts

Lexington, KY

66 Monza, 140 sort of

Closer to completion than Stephen, (maybe)





What ... no COME-ALONG in your tool box?


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Later, JR


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> I have a 25 degree grade leading into the garage.  I could get it out 

> ok, but getting it back in . . .



> Stephen Upham

> Corvarium II


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