<VV> Re: Fuel tank straw pole

Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 1 15:10:41 EDT 2005

I am <not> a big fan of pourable coatings inside a gas tank -- ever 
tried to remove it?

I have a rig that had had the tank coated inside, professionally by the 
way (professional idiots, I think), however the tank was not clean -- it 
rusted under the coating, or they coated over a pretty heavy layer of 
rust to start with, and, on top of that, they didn't remove the fuel 
sender and the float was glued to the top of the tank. Three gallons of 
acetone, one arm-sized hole in the tank, many hours of elbow grease, and 
some therapeutic hand lotion, then we could get on with the business of 
cleaning the tank, once the coating was gone ...

If this is an already clean tank, I don't know why you don't install it 
and use it, but if you want to hang it up, I'd just give it a good heavy 
spray of WD-40, or pour in a gallon, slosh it around and pour out what's 
left. Save the coatings for a porous fiberglass motorcycle tank - that 
is what they were for, originally.

If you really want a *nice* tank, take it to a radiator shop, have it 
tanked, tested and repaired, then take it to the local tinner to have it 
retinned (you know, the guy who redoes all the kitchen ware for the 
local school district during the summer).

Near Portland, OR, this is Mac's Radiator and Oregon Retinning.


Bill Strickland

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