<VV> Oct '05 Communique

Ken Wildman k-wildman at onu.edu
Sat Oct 1 20:14:20 EDT 2005

At 07:25 PM 10/1/2005, Steve Oxford wrote:
>Wow!  What a great article on Rich Thompson's '64 Spyder at the Meadow 
>Brook Concours!  This is the type of article that would be nice to have 
>posted on the CORSA website, with all the pics in color, not just the 
>cover shot (hint, hint)!  It could be a useful "recruiting" tool...
>One "negative" comment for the Communique editors - please don't use cream 
>on gold printing again, as used on the back cover.  I looked at the page 
>several times before I realized that there was a description to go with 
>each picture. According to a recent VV poll, most of our member's eyes are 
>now 40 years old or older and those color choices don't have enough 
>contrast for the aging rods in our eyes..:(

Thanks, Steve.  I never noticed the text.   :)

But, it wouldn't matter if you had young rods in your retina.  The rods are 
useless at normal daytime levels of illumination.  It's the cones in the 
retina that are used for daytime (photopic) use and that make color 
discriminations.  And, there are only cones in the central or foveal region 
of the retina where sharp visual discriminations are made.


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