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Arjay Morgan n3lkz at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 2 21:31:57 EDT 2005

I know there are many on this list who do not drive their Corvairs when there is salt on the roads. Others do their very best to not drive 'em when there is rain in sight.
However, I'm in Florida, and rain is something that can and does appear when you least suspect it. That said, it's also a fact that the Corvair manual top is certainly a factor to be reckoned with when rain threatens.
And so to the story of Saturday past. A group of us were traveling from the Tampa, Fl. to Old Town, which is a tourist trap in Kissimmee (mostly pronounced kiss-a-me) over by Disney which features a lot of old timey buildings, plus a real, honest-to-God cruise down Main Street. It's hokey, but a lot of fun and all the kids in the huge crowds wave at every car.
We met at an underpass and as we three (one EM Spyder convert., one EM Monza convert, one LM convert) rain began. The three tops that were down went up in the shelter of the I-4 overpass.
The journey down I-4, tops up, rain falling, took a short halt at a rest stop to pickup the fourth member of our little band, a Greenbrier van. Sun was now out. Tops went down. On to Kissimmee and Old Town where, tops still down, we parked.
Clouds appeared...actually one very large and dark cloud built into a thunderhead. Cool downdraft breezes signaled rain. Tops Up.  It rained a bit then cleared.  Tops Down. The sun set. Usually this means no more rain, but not this night. It's really hard to see a thunderhead when there's no sun, but you can feel the rain. This time, lots of rain. Tops UP. This was becoming tiring.  Just before the Main Street cruise the LM top went down. The EM tops stayed up not only for the cruise, but for the ride home.
This was my personal best in the Top UP/Top Down department -- Three Downs and Three Ups in one trip. Is this a record?
Arjay Morgan
64 Monza convert

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