<VV> Great Plains Corvair Roundup roundup (long winded)

AeroNed at aol.com AeroNed at aol.com
Sun Oct 2 22:04:16 EDT 2005

The inaugural Great Plains Corvair Roundup was an fantastic success! As  
Terry mentioned earlier, we had more than 40 families registered and nearly 70  at 
the banquet (we were hoping to get to 50!). In addition to the door prizes  
provided by the local Pep Boys and Coleman factory (Got Jugs?), we have prizes  
from Lon, Cal, Steve Goodman, and Larry Claypool. We also had give away items 
 from Cal, Steve and Corvair Motorsports. We also have many of my fellow MCCA 
 chapter members to thank. I would like to send a special thank you to Terry 
Kalp  for the donation of $100 for the long distance award. Steve Goodman won 
that  prize for driving his '68 smog engined coupe more than 500 miles from 
Denver. I  would also like to thank the members of the other supporting clubs, 
Tulsa,  Kansas City and Oklahoma City for all of their help and support.
As Terry mentioned, Gary Moore (VV lurker) did a great job on a cut away  
Corvair motor. It looks great and will be a fine asset for other MCCA events.  
The Tulsa club set up some of their very professional Corvair display items in  
the hotel lobby. These items drew quite a bit of attention from the 
Pontiac/GTO  guys that were also at the host hotel. I heard lots of stories of the 
Pontiac  guys being impressed with our cars.
We had a bit of rain on Saturday that caused some schedule adjustments. The  
rain wasn't enough to dampen the spirits of the Corvair crowd. Most of them  
realized that the host club was not responsible for the weather :^). We judged  
12 cars in concourse. Bob Bauer's beautiful '66 Corsa Turbo convertible won 
best  of show. There were many nice cars, 16 earlies (including 2 FC) and 16 
lates  (including a Stinger and a V-8), how's that for balance?
Steve Goodman gave us a great tech session on Early and late rear wheel  
bearings. Steve was challenged by changes in the schedule and venue. Steve did a  
great job despite the optimum conditions.
My personal highlights of the Roundup was that we actually pulled it off  
with so much success. I didn't doubt that we could do it, I just didn't know we  
could do it so well. After all, this was MCCA's first BIG Corvair event. 
Another  highlight was meeting Steve Goodman. Steve has done work on my car (heads 
and  carbs). We've spoken on the phone and exchanged e-mails but our paths had 
never  crossed, until now. Simply put, Steve is a great guy and I enjoyed our 
time  together. My last highlight was more of a given than a highlight. These 
Corvair  people are great! Everyone I spoke to during the event had mostly 
good things to  say and complimented the wonderful event. I'm really happy that 
everyone did  have a good time, especially those folks that this was their 
first event.
Finally, the Tulsa club, Green Country Corvair Club, will be the host club  
next year. They already have a great team assembled and will put on a great  
event next year. If you enjoyed yourself, or didn't make it this year,  don't 
miss it next year, because it will be even better!!

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