<VV> Roundup Rodeo (long)

AeroNed at aol.com AeroNed at aol.com
Sun Oct 2 22:30:39 EDT 2005

The Great Plains Corvair Roundup in Wichita wrapped up today with our  
participation in a SCCA autocross. All of the participants were from the Roundup  
host club in Wichita. We only had two trophies up for grabs and the very first  
Wheaties. The first competition was for the fastest stock Corvair which was  
between a couple of 64's, a coupe and a sedan. Both of the drivers, Dean  
Patterson and Dennis Fuller. Both of these guys had never run in an autocross.  
Dennis had some initial difficulties finding his way around the course which  
resulted in a couple of DNFs. With a little coaching, Dennis did get in a couple  
of good clean runs. Dean was running well right out of the box. Both of  
their times improved with each run. Dennis won the stock trophy by less  than a 
The second trophy was for the fastest Corvair. This was a hotly contested  
competition even before the cars were at the course. The competitors were Ned  
Madsen (me) and Jim Dallas driving Terry Kalp's 66 turbo coupe (pulling a Seth  
again). I ran in first heat to set the time to beat. Since I have more  
experience autocrossing, I carried a passenger for each of my runs. Only one of  my 
passengers was from Wichita. It was my "crew chief," 13 year old Jarred  
Patterson, Dean son. All of my runs were clean but I did have some fan belt  
problems. I had plenty of help from the Corvair guys as well as the SCCA  regulars. 
Car guys are car guys, always willing to help when someone is in  need. While 
Jim ran at both events in Iowa, he had never run a  "traditional" autocross. 
I think Jim's biggest worry was that he would get lost,  but that didn't 
happen. Jim did a fine job driving the turbo. At the end of the  day my best time 
of 57.390 was the best time of the Corvairs.
I know the guys had a blast at the autocross. I wouldn't be surprised it  
they become regulars at Wichita SCCA events.
I'd like to thank the SCCA guys for making us "old car drivers" feel  
welcome. They have always made me feel that way. They gave us plenty of  compliments 
for our cars.

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