<VV> Turbo Odyssey Part 22 -- It's Alive!

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Mon Oct 3 18:54:43 EDT 2005

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From: "Norman C. Witte" <ncwitte at wittelaw.com>
idle too fast:  common problem is that it is idling against the throttle
linkage, not the idle stop screw.
make sure the linkage allows the stop screw to hit its stop, then the
linkage should move just a tad more, to make sure that the stop screw is
controlling the opening of the blade, slide, whatever.

after that, check for air leaks somewhere.

after that, a long shot is that the idle mix is extrememly lean.

If the high speed circuit is extremely lean, the engine might " run on"
after full open, at high speed for a few seconds, then putter down to your
idle mixture setting.

You should be able to adjust idle mixture slowly and get such a rich idle
mix that the engine just slows down and dies ,  after being blipped into a
full open state for a second....
hope this hell-ps , ken campbell, iowa pre-teamred team .. ( some corvairs
needing to be put in the air ... )

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