<VV> dum-drumbrake ?

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Tom, the picture would be the same for either side.
On my '62 the star wheels are toward the rear on the Right side brakes, and toward the front on the Left side brakes.  However you put them together, just be sure that when the exposed end of the adjuster tool (or screwdriver if you aren't using a proper tool) moves UPWARD it EXPANDS the brakes.  That is, when your hand moves UP, the brakes get TIGHTER. 
I believe the starwheel threads are the same for all 4 adjusters.  If you think it through, that means that they will EXPAND when the tool moves UPWARD as long as they are installed with the star to the rear on the RH side and to the front on the LH side.  
This is different from those newfangled (1963-1969) Corvairs with self-adjusting brakes.  Those have LH threaded adjusters on one side, and RH threaded adjusters on the other side, with all adjusters installed star wheel to the rear. 
Hope this is more helpful than confusing!
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....I started to re-assemble the brakes on the 62 spyder,having 'found' 
coffee cans of parts...in the 61 shop man,is pic# 5-1 the right,or left 
front ? I've always had the adjuster starwheel toward the rear shoe,but 
the left front slot in the backing plate is forward,at 7 o'clock;;did 
the PO put the backing plates on the wrong side?and which adjuster goes 
to left-front,R-,or L-hand threads ?duuhhh,tanks in advance-da#* the 
torpedos !! Tom Z

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