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Garth Stapon stapon1 at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 3 21:26:01 EDT 2005


I have been the list moderator since the close of the National Convention and I want to say that I am reading all of your posts. As you know, at times, the subject matter strays from the automotive theme. I sincerely appreciate that we all have opinions and experiences that we wish to share.

I am learning that Corvair owners are indeed a very diverse group.  In my view this is good, because we can all learn from each other. Many members spend a great deal of time by posting a thoughtful, knowledgeable reply to a question from another member. For that, I express my gratitude.  It demonstrates that although we may live in a different part of the Country or the world for that matter, we are not alone in the trials and tribulations that we face in keeping our cars on the road and safe for the driver as well as any passengers that might be along (especially our children and grandchildren).

I welcome all of your feedback on how we can make this list more productive, better organized or more focused. 

The Japanese have demonstrated the benefits of Kaisen in manufacturing and I think we can apply our collective talents to improve this forum. 

I just need to hear from you about what we can do better.

Some of you have been very frank with me in how I am doing and I appreciate your candor and input. I enjoy this guidence and thank you all for your daily/weekly/monthly input.

It is a group of people like you that make owning a Classic car that was internationally manufactured - (sorry I forgot about the CKD units assembled in Belgium during an earlier post) an enjoyable experience.

Thanks again for the bandwidth and keep those posts coming.

With heartfelt respect,

Garth Stapon

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