<VV> Vintage Racing Grp at Summit Point -Report

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Mon Oct 3 16:13:39 EDT 2005

We, the Vintage Racing Group,  ran the Shenandoah circuit this weekend at Summit Point. Weather was gorgeous, very low key event, casual, no timing and scoring, just go out and have fun.

Well, the Shenandoah circuit at Summit Point is a blast. An autocross course with a lot of elevation changes. The course is so twisty, the autocrossers like Warren, Michael, David, etc. would give us road racers a lesson.  Lots of corners with varying camber and varying radius... A couple of them I never did figure out.  Some are blind too, so you go up one, knowing it goes left or right and you think you have it figured out, and immediately afterwards, it goes left AND THEN RIGHT!  I just bet the right and left front tires s were off the ground.. And they are slow enough that even if you screw up, you have room to slide and recover-slowly out of the corner, but even though walls are close to track in many places, at least for a Corvair it "felt" like it would be hard to hit them-in most cases. Lot of fun. Car didn't have any power but I had fun, a lot of fun.  

Mike(Son) came up on Saturday, listened to it,  and told me the car was broken... so I worked on it a bit on Sun am. Running lean on leaking exhaust cylinders...Adjusted the valves, added an exhaust gasket, got the secondaries so they would give WOT.  But, brakes worked for a few laps and if careful, they were ok. Mike  would have hated them. Passed some folks and some passed me. Slid around, pushed, never broke the back end completely loose.

Chuck Christ (Saab) guy had his fan shield-like a wire fan guard break and puncture his radiator.  The Saab 93 fan is a three-bladed aluminum job.  Guess it is better that, than a sheet metal fan, which might have cut off his fingers. Well, he reached in there and cut the sh*t out of his hand; 36 stitches, all fingers, one broken and the nail will come off that one. Chip Lamb (Saab guy) and I went and got them at the hospital and got back in time to eat-late. They had saved and boxed portions for us, which Mary Anne and Chuck did not put inside or in the cooler and the biggest skunk in the whole wide world came to root around so they had to throw it out-really good barbecued chicken and ribs...which we could have had for lunch.  But the skunk did not do his thing, nor did the little one later in the night..... When Chuck shined the light on them, they looked, stared him down and boogied! This is in the middle of hte Paddock.  We pit together when we can and eat like pigs as Mary Anne fixes all kinds of things... Bacon, sausage, and eggs, coffee, various sausages, baked goods, U peel-'em shrimp w/ two kinds of sauce, melted wraps for lunch, etc, etc... Wonderful weather, wonderful time, very relaxed event, safe on track. And the #73 is back in the garage, shiny side up. Pretty nice weekend. 


Chuck S


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