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NicolCS at aol.com NicolCS at aol.com
Tue Oct 4 10:44:35 EDT 2005

Matt said: <snip>So, I'd not be all that surprised that GM would play down 
how well 
the late Vair actually handled.   I've heard some people remark that 
the '65-67 Corvairs were arguably the best handling cars you could 
buy in the USA at the time  <unsnip>

The above are practically quotes from "Unsafe at any speed"  Yes, it's true! 
- How many of us have actually read the book?  Nader questioned why GM would 
go so far with their cheapest economy car and suggested that this radical 
improvement was necessary as a countermeasure to the occasional bad habits of the 
heavy rear-engine swing axle layout of the earlier models.  While his 
observations were thoughtful, he conveniently neglected to notice Chevrolets 
repositioning of the car from "economy car" to "sporty car".  
C. Nicol

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